Closet & Style Detox is a complete fashion rehab experience with a style expert. It’s a cleansing and cathartic personal fashion makeover process that will get you out of your sartorial rut. It begins with a fashion advisor selecting and removing unwanted clothes and ends with a greatly increased sense of confidence. With a chic make-over from a fashion consultant, you will leave lasting impressions wherever it counts most. No matter if you are overwhelmed by an overcrowded closet, revamping your corporate image or stepping up your social media game, working intimately and together with your own luxury personal shopper, we will make you feel and look your best. 

Private consulting

You are your brand. From corporate headshots and presentations to playful IG profiles to keynote speaking events, together we will elevate your overall presence to set the perfect tone.

With my fashion stylist expertise we start with an open and honest conversation about what is–and what is not–working for you, we develop a comprehensive image, and complete a style transformation to get you noticed.


Closet Audit

 If find yourself overwhelmed by the state of your crowded wardrobe and end up wearing the same default outfits while burying your head in sand at the thought of shopping for new looks, having your own personal fashion stylist can help.

My Closet Audit will transform the daily routine of getting dressed from a vexing experience into an inviting and exciting moment filled with imaginative options that will have you throwing those closet doors wide open.  


travel styling services 

Traveling is stressful enough, let go of the wardrobe anxiety with a personal shopper. No more overstuffed suitcases of inappropriate outfits. No more double-checking hotel mirrors, hoping for change. No more last minute shopping in a state of panic. From conferences to art fairs to family vacations to even far-flung retreats, we will get you feeling great about your clothing choices. 

My Travel Styling Services is the answer. As your personal fashion consultant, I begin by helping you create and organize specific outfits to meet the needs of your travels (or that tightly packed agenda!) I’ll provide the tools for you to have a well-edited wardrobe. 


Red Carpet Ready

With years of experience as an image consultant and styling celebrities, I’ll get you Red Carpet Ready for every event. My service provides you effortless wardrobe options tailored for your unique needs, on-the-spot attention before/during/and after your affair plus tried and true secrets of stylists that you won’t get anywhere else. 

Together, we will nail your look. You’ll feel relaxed, shining your beauty from the inside out.